Suzuki S-Cross Concept unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show

Suzuki S-Cross Concept - FrontView

BA readers have seen teaser pictures of Suzuki S-Cross concept, now at the 2012 Paris Motor Show the Japanese car maker has dropped the details and images of its new compact crossover. The S-Cross concept could very well be the inspiration behind the styling of the future SX4 variants and it hints at a compact crossover from the company.

The S-Cross will have an “Emotion x Quality x Aerodynamics” design theme which is evident from it sweeping lines seen right from the front of the vehicle and carry on till its rear. Suzuki has not revealed any engine details or interior and exterior features as on date but photos reveal new LED running lights, 20-inch chrome wheels and dual exhausts. Suzuki says that the aerodynamic shape of the vehicle is a huge plus point for its fuel efficiency.

Promising the biggest cargo space in its segment coupled with functions designed for comfort and a wheelbase of 2600mm, the S-Cross claims to have on-road handling and performance of the Swift series. The S-Cross concept will also have a system mated to 4-wheel drive configurations for handling the tough roads. To further increase the toughness, the S-Cross is expressed by a front skid plate, by boldly flared wing arches and under mouldings.

The production model of the Suzuki S-Cross concept could be unveiled by late-2013 and we can definitely expect this car in India to be sold under Maruti badge sometime in 2014.

Suzuki S-Cross Concept - RearView

According to Suzuki, its future model strategy –

“Suzuki has established a reputation for producing cars which make everyday life more exciting. These cars reflect a brand strategy which is expressed through the company’s slogan “Way of Life!” Suzuki has always been focusing on creating models − such as the Alto − which are characterised by small environmental footprints and low running costs thanks to exceptionally low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Going forwards, the company plans to launch models which exceed the environmental performance ceiling in their segments at an even higher level. The production model of the Suzuki S-Cross concept will be amongst the lowest CO2 emitting cars in the crossover C-segment.”

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