Renault India working on 2 new products, an MUV and a small car below Rs. 4 lakh – both based on Duster


India has the fastest growing automobile industry in the world and there are various types of cars and bike available to the consumer, from the people movers to the luxury SUV’s and from the small hatchbacks to the high performance coupe’s. This diversity shows that there is a lot of difference in the tastes of people, and also difference in the incomes of the people in India. But there are a few evergreen segments like the SUV segment, the MUV segment and the low-cost, small car segment. The manufacturer who has products on-sale in all the above mentioned segments enjoys the most sales and in turn the most profit.

French car manufacturer, Renault launched the Duster in 2012; this car single-handedly brought Renault into the limelight and created goodwill for the brand in Indian hearts. The Duster’s sales were at the top of the charts for a few months straight and now, after that, the sales are steadily falling. Renault has to think of something new and different if they want to remain successful in the Indian market. The people over at Renault know for a fact that the above mentioned segments rake in the highest sales and that we Indians love them. Renault has already made its presence felt in the SUV segment with the Duster and now they are looking forward to make such an impact on the other two segments too.


Since we Indians loved the Duster so much, Renault engineers and designers are now playing with the idea of making an MUV and a small car which would cost below Rs. 4 lakh, both based on the Duster. This seems like quite a creative thought and sounds good financially too, because they already have the underpinnings and they don’t have to do much R&D on that. Gilles Normand, the chairman of Renault in the Asia Pacific Region, at the Tokyo Motor Show said that, Renault was now looking forward to enter the significant segments where they do not have a presence today. He went on to add that the two segments mentioned above were very important for them and are working on newer products in these two segments and other segments too.

If the future products from Renault will all be as good, or better than the Duster, no one can stop Renault from hogging the limelight and sales charts once again.
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