Red Rooster Performance developing Turbocharged Yamaha YZF-R15
Red Rooster Performance developing Turbocharged Yamaha YZF-R15

When it comes to the Yamaha R15, the first thing that strikes us is the speed and the amazing cornering capabilities that the aerodynamic design of the bike offers. But there is always a little something that can be done to make the ride even better, so how about a little extra boost?

Red Rooster Performance has announced on its facebook page that a turbocharger for the R15 is in the making, the entire performance package will also include a BMC air filter and a custom exhaust. Having the extra boost the R15 will have similar power figures to the recently launched +200cc bikes. So finally, the R15 riders can quench their thirst for power without having to switch over to any bike. Although the exact figures in term of gain in performance are yet to be announced, but the main question is will the R15 be able to handle the extra power. Also adding the turbo means a richer air fuel mixture, which may also bring the mileage of the bike.

Red Rooster Performance is a very well known after market performance kit manufacturer and also has been associated with brands like; BMC Airfilters, NGK Spark Plugs and Spider Tuning.


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SourceRed Rooster Performance (on Facebook)