Red Bull X-Fighters Jams wows Delhi

Red Bull X-Fighters Jams - Back Flipp

The world’s most exciting motocross events, Redbull X-Fighters Jams performed majestic and adrenalin driven stunts with iconic India Gate at the backdrop. The team of daredevils smoked, screeched, jumped, revved and did all the things to put a smile and stop the heartbeat of the onlookers a couple of days before.

No doubt that this will linger in the minds of those who witnessed it live, for quite a while. The event started with ethnic India song and Bhangra troupe and then it unfolded into high jumps, backflips and what not!   For those who missed this action can only keep fingers crossed hoping for the event to come back to India in near future.

The event was partnered by BMW, who support Red Bull with the free style sport across the world. The X-Fighters travel across the world and perform in every continent. This helps them understand the competition better and also helps in expanding their fan base.

Red Bull X-Fighters Jams - High Jumps

Enthralled by the response of the crowd, Nick de Wit nicknamed ‘Sick’, who has fought with the some of the world’s best FMX riders at the Red Bull X-Fighter World Series said –

“We are really overwhelmed by the spectacular crowd turn out and appreciate their love for the thrilling sport. We want to come back and put up an even bigger show on Indian soil again, to create more awareness about Red Bull X-Fighters.”

 (Note – You guys can check out Youtube for the videos of Redbull X-Fighters Show at Delhi)


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Red Bull X-Fighters Jams - 001 (Martin Koren)     Red Bull X-Fighters Jams - 002 (Nick Franklin)     Red Bull X-Fighters Jams - 003     Red Bull X-Fighters Jams - 004


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