Punjab students can get Driving License from College

Indian Driving License

Getting a learner’s driving licence just got easier in Punjab when the government decided that students seeking for a driving license will not get it from the RTO office, but to issue driving license from their own colleges after testing their knowledge of traffic rules.

The state government has amended Motor Vehicle Act 1988, Rule 4, 10, 11 of Central Motor Vehicle Act to enable granting of license by educational institutes. The necessary documents have to be submitted to the principal, who would in turn issue the learner’s license.

As most of you would be aware about the how the RTO functions, it had become a tough task for students to produce their license. Due to the hectic study life of the students and the difficulty of issuing a license, the students preferred not to have a license and rode/drove without one. Thus the Government thought of empowering institutes to issue license to students and thereby making it a breeze for the youth to ride/drive legally in the country.

I hope all the states should follow this and make procuring a learners license as easy as possible to help the students. This will save their restless journeys to the RTO office and the bribe they have to pay to the agents & officers. But does the procedure ensure whether the recipient is trained enough to drive? What’s your opinion?