Pulsar series gets three new dual-tone paint schemes

new-bajaj-pulsar-series-2014Pulsar series gets three new dual-tone paint schemes

Bajaj Pulsar has been in existence for over a decade now. Started with 150 and 180, the Pulsar range today has 135, 150, 180, 200NS and 220F. Except 200NS, all other products are pretty old now, and haven’t been updated very frequently, but Bajaj has made sure that the customers are happy, by giving updates to their bikes in the form of new colors, every now and then.

Now the company has given all its Pulsar range of bikes new dual-tone color with black as common denominator, yet again. New color options are Sapphire Blue, Pearl Metallic White and Cocktail Wine Red. The colors come in usual tones used in Pulsar lineup, highlighting the same style of panels in slightly different areas and strokes.

We expect Pearl Metallic White to come out as a crowd-puller as Bajaj has not offered any shade of White in Pulsar badged bikes until this year. Rest of colors, Blue and Red remind us of earlier versions of monotone Pulsar’s. Cocktail Wine Red, Sapphire Blue, and Pearl Metallic White are said dual-tone color patterns that Pulsar 150, 180 and 220F are now available in showrooms near you.

These changes are purely cosmetic ones and there are no amendments to the mechanical bits.


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New Bajaj Pulsar 150 –

new-2014-bajaj-pulsar-150-cocktail-wine-red     new-2014-bajaj-pulsar-150-pearl-metallic-white     new-2014-bajaj-pulsar-150-sapphire-blue

New Bajaj Pulsar 180 –

new-2014-bajaj-pulsar-180-cocktail-wine-red     new-2014-bajaj-pulsar-180-pearl-metallic-white     new-2014-bajaj-pulsar-180-sapphire-blue

New Bajaj Pulsar 200F –

new-2014-bajaj-pulsar-220f-cocktail-wine-red     new-2014-bajaj-pulsar-220f-pearl-metallic-white     new-2014-bajaj-pulsar-220f-sapphire-blue