A short video of how the PK’s ‘Dancing Car’ scene was shot, captured on sets

Here is a just released short video of revealing how the PK’s ‘Dancing Car’ scene was shot? The new blockbuster holiday movie called “PK” is about how an alien-meets-India. It shows a funny and loveable alien who lands in India, loses contact with his spaceship, but discovers that Indians are superstitious.

how-the-dancing-car-scene-in-pk-was-shotEver wondered how the scene was shot? This video from PK Funnies show exactly that!

An alien has no money to spend, so when he gets to know that papers with Mahatma Gandhi photo will earn him his food, his only option is to steal from the dancing car (from people making love in the car).

40 Maruti Suzuki cars were hired and the crew of the film was made to shake the car with their physical strength and they were positioned perfectly so that they don’t appear on the camera.

Check out the video below.

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