Nissan Terrano stolen from showroom in Bangalore, dealership didn’t notice

Nissan Terrano is arguably one of the best launches of 2013 that car consumers can buy, unfortunately car thieves don’t exactly like paying for them. According to reports in Bangalore Mirror, Nissan Terrano (pictured in the actual photo below) was stolen straight from the Shahwar Motors showroom at Kasturba Road on New Year’s Eve, as thieves happily drove off relatively unnoticed by the staffs and security guards.

The staffs had seen the SUV whizz past while they were drinking tea told police that they had noticed the SUV because it was being driven rashly. They wondered who would drive a brand new vehicle in that fashion and surmised it was probably “a very rich man or a mad man”.


“There is no CCTV camera installed in the showroom, and even the employees who saw the SUV being driven away didn’t clearly see the driver,” a police officer said. “The surveillance camera at Coffee Day Square junction was also not working on that day. We are checking records of similar cases registered in the city in the past and the culprits involved in them. We are also checking on the background of the customer to whom the SUV was to be delivered.”

This gutsy car theft in Bangalore has all the makings of a Bollywood heist movie or inside job, but police believe that suspect had been watching the showroom for some time, casually walked up to the parked vehicle, inspected it like a potential customer would, and found the key in the ignition. Showroom staff appeared too busy to notice the man – it was New Year’s Eve after all – so the man coolly got in, gunned the engine and drove off.

This SUV is bearing temporary registration number KA-01-TR-MD-6515 (engine No. K9KJ886D034673, chassis No. MDHHSNA36DBOO3524).


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SourceBangalore Mirror