Diesel leak led to Volvo bus fire, killing 45 passengers on-board (Video)


Diesel leak led to Volvo bus fire, killing 45 passengers on-board.

Accidents happen, but here’s an unusual one. According to sources, Volvo multi-axle bus belonging to Jabbar Travels (AP 02 TA 0963) with 50 passengers on-board, was plying from Bangalore to Hyderabad. The accident took place on Bangalore-Hyderabad national highway in Mahbubnagar district of the southern Andhra Pradesh state, about 140 kms from Hyderabad on wee hours of Wednesday October 30, 2013.

A speeding bus exploded in a ball of flames after crashing into the barrier on the side of the highway, killing 45 passengers as they were slept. The bus driver, his helper and three other passengers succeeded to escape the tragedy. The actual reason behind the accident is unknown at the moment, the driver claims that while overtaking the car at high-speed the bus’ tyre burst which is why he lost control, and hit the roadside culvert, but that is yet to be confirmed.

The body’s of the victims were charred beyond recognition. The details of 29 passengers who boarded the bus in Bangalore from Jabbar travels are known, however, the remaining passengers had boarded the bus at Hindupur and Ananthapur are yet to be known. The police are trying to identify those passengers. The identification of the deceased will be determined after conducting DNA tests and collecting blood samples of the relatives.

There is confusion regarding the owner of the bus, as per records transport records, two buses were purchased by Diwakar Road Lines (owned by Diwakar Reddy) and registered in Anantapur on October 6, 2010. Just 2 days later, a lease agreement was signed with Jabbar Travels for the two buses. Diwakar Road Lines, meanwhile, has stated that the buses were sold due to lack of business although only a lease agreement was signed.


Diesel leak led to Volvo bus fire, killing 45 passengers on-board.

However, questions are being raised how the company bought two buses, or possibly more, inspite of there being no business to run them and leased them, that too within two days. Transport officials have nevertheless said that action will be initiated against Diwakar Road Lines as Jabbar is not on their records. This is the second such incident of Volvo engulfed by flames in Hyderabad, earlier happened in June-2012, but passengers escaped unhurt.

A decade ago, buses were more or less a by-product of trucks but ‘Volvo buses transformed the way Indian travelled’ and I strongly agreee on this. Swedish auto manufacturer worldwide is known for safety, they are the first auto manufacturers to invent the seat belts, side airbags and pedestrian airbags. But this accident might create a fear in the minds of the people, who are looking to travel on Volvo buses during this festive season, including me 🙁 .


‘May God give strength to the deceased family to bear the loss in this tough time. RIP’


Check out the blueprint video of the accident, after a jump.


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See pictures of the bus in flesh before the accident –

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