New Vespa Primavera makes a debut at EICMA 2013, is it coming to India?


New Vespa Primavera – SideView

LML Vespa has not hit the sales market as expected due to its higher price tag and also being a thin light weight scooter. Due to this the company had taken an initiative in the month of March this year where they had introduced LML Vespa vehicles which was available with the combination of two colors (i,e Dual tone) in a view of attracting customers towards this 125 cc scooter. Details of this have already been read by our dear readers in our previous posts at BharathAutos.

Coming to the actual post, the new Vespa Primavera makes its debut at the 2013 EICMA show held at Milan. The new Vespa Primavera shares the base power train from its LX variants and also features reworked frame along with updated sharp new styling cues. Vespa has preferred to gently evolve with the times rather than making big model changes. As per the reports from Vespa, The first Primavera showed up in 1968. It was the year where “from the universities of California to the squares of Paris, a new social group – that of young people – demanded a place in the front row of a fast-changing society.” The original Primavera made its debut in that “tumult of ideas and fervour… the heroine of an unforgettable season.”

The new Primavera features tightly wrapped body, flatter curves, thinner footboard, lower seat height, LED daytime running lamps (DRL’s), 5-spoke 11″ inches alloy wheel, monocoque frame and repositioned battery in turn increasing the under seat storage. It is also equipped with a new engine that uses two position arms (rather than one), rubber dampers to reduce vibration and completely redesigned traditional single sided front suspension that reduces friction along with providing quicker suspension response and better ride quality.


New Vespa Primavera – Analog Speedometer with a pointer in combination with digital fuelmeter bar, digital odometer, and digital tripmeter.

Vespa says that the new Primavera would be powered with 125cc and 150cc 3-valve SOHC fuel-injected engines which can return a mileage of 64 kmpl at an average speed of 50 kmph. These engines are now lighter than before and also feature new crankshaft, roller-rockers, altered spark plug position, new bore and stroke to ensure better torque. The possibility of Piaggio India bringing the Primavera as a second line of scooters is less, since the LX series is already being sold at a dramatic premium to the other scooters in the market. If at all Piaggio India gets the all-new Primavera to India then it would be more expensive than the LX series.


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