2014 Auto Expo – Terra Motors display an Electric Rickshaw, Electric Scooter and Electric SuperBike

At the extremely successful Auto Expo this year, many new brands made their debut in the Indian market by displaying their products, and one of them is Japanese electric vehicle manufacturer Terra Motors. Terra Motors made their debut in India by showcasing three new innovative vehicles.

terra-motors-electric-rickshaw-electric-scooter-electric-superbikeTerra Motors display at 2014 Auto Expo

The first one is an electric superbike, of sorts. It is called the Terra Kiwami, and is marketed as an electric superbike, but by reading the specs, one would assume this one to be just another electric commuter motorcycle, because the max power output of this motorcycle is only 13.4 PS which is nowhere close to the kind of output the superbikes of today have. But, with the help of clever electronics and power management systems, the electric motor delivers an extremely strong turning force at low speeds, helping the Kiwami achieve the acceleration of a liter-class superbike. Official acceleration figures have not been published, but the top speed of the Bike is a claimed 160 KMPH. Along with extreme performance, the Kiwami also manages to deliver great efficiency figures. It takes only six hours to fully charge the battery and it will run for about 200 KMS on a single charge.

Along with the Kiwami, terra displayed the A4000i electric scooter, which comes loaded with quite a few innovative features like, removable batteries which can be fully charged in  4 hours time. This scooter is quite an awesome looking scooter and the unique feature which this scooter has is that there is no instrument cluster. Instead of the instrument cluster, space has been provided to plug in a Smartphone, which, through an app, will display the all the information needed by the rider like battery charge, speed, distance to empty, etc.

Making a wise move, Terra motors also displayed the T4 electric three-wheeler in a bid to attract the three-wheeler fraternity of the country. As we all know, crowded, central areas of metropolises are filled with three-wheelers ferrying people about and all of them are polluting the environment. But thanks to Terra Motors, we can expect a change in that in the future. The T4 is powered by a 3.5 kW electric motor, which in turn draws its power from a 48V, 120 Ah battery pack, and can help to reduce the pollution levels in crowded areas drastically. The T4 can ferry around 3 to 5 passengers, a distance of 80 KMS when fully charged.


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See more pictures of Terra Motors range at 2014 Auto Expo –

terra-kiwami-electric-superbikeTerra Kiwami Electric Superbike

terra-a4000i-electric-scooterTerra A4000i electric scooter

terra-T4-electric-3-wheelerTerra T4 electric 3- wheeler