Terra Motors Launches India’s first electric superbike; displays a new electic scooter at the Auto Expo

India is a market which is very tempting for manufacturers around the globe, as they will find customers, no matter what the price is, or which segment that product belongs to, and as a result of this, all the automobile manufacturers in the world are on the lookout for an opportunity to enter this lucrative market. This includes some manufacturers which we least expected in India and the one we are talking about right now is, Japanese electric motorcycle manufacturer Terra Motors.

Terra motors is known for their stylish range of electric scooters and motorcycles, and as expected, most of the vehicles are made only with the intention of reducing the carbon footprint and not for speed, but the most interesting of them all is the Kiwami. The Kiwami is, as claimed by the company, an ‘electric superbike’. But if one goes by the figures, the Kiwami would be nothing more than a regular commuter motorcycles in terms of performance, because the specifications sheet of the e-bike says that the electric motor in the Kiwami produces a mere 13.4 PS of max power, but the company claims that the Kiwami can deliver acceleration which matches that of a liter-class superbike.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2014-Terra-Kiwami

All this is down to clever management of electricity by systems on board the motorcycle and which helps the motor to develop strong turning force at low speeds. But mind you, while the Kiwami delivers liter-class acceleration, it cannot deliver liter-class top speed and will touch a maximum speed of 160 KMPH. The Kiwami is not just performance, but it also is very efficient and has a very high range when compared to other electric motorcycles. it takes only 6 hours to fully charge the battery and will go a distance of nearly 200 KM on a single charge, which is amazing for a motorcycle of this pedigree.

The Terra Kiwami will blow everybody’s brains out when it comes to acceleration, but it will also blow its customers budget to smithereens, as the price at which it was launched is, Rs. 18 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). Finding buyers at this price point will be very difficult indeed for terra motors, as one can purchase a hardcore superbike at a lesser price, but only time will tell how the Kiwami will fare in our country.

Terra motors though, is well aware of the chances that the Kiwami might not be a success in india and so, has a backup plan too. At the recent Auto expo held in Delhi, along with the Kiwami, terra motors displayed an electric scooter named, the A4000i. The A4000i is being targeted at the large scooter market in india, but will approach the scoter market from a greener angle. The technical details of the A4000i have not yet been revealed yet, but it is known that the scooter will have a removable and rechargeable battery and can be fully charged in 4.5 hours  and will have a range of nearly 65 KMS. Terra motors has also planned to invest nearly Rs. 300 million in India during the next fiscal year and are sure that it will pay off.