Bajaj to Launch Pulsar 200NS FI in Indonesia, before its Indian launch!

Bajaj has been testing the fuel injected variant of its flagship motorcycle, the 200NS for quite sometime now and are looking forward to launch it in the Indian market sometime in the near future, but now it seems as if, customers in the Indonesian market will receive the 200NS FI before Indian customers do. The 200NS FI was available only in Turkey and Lebanon but now, it will be made available in Indonesia too which has also been confirmed by Dewi Setptianti, Deputy Head of sales and marketing, PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia.

bajaj-pulsar-200ns-fiBajaj Pulsar 200NS FI

The Fuel Injected Variant of the 200NS set to be launched in Indonesia, will have a max power output of 23.52 PS which is the same as on the carburettored version on sale in India and even the Max torque figure is the same 18.30 NM as is on the carburettored variant, but the difference can be felt in the throttle response and fuel efficiency, as the throttle response on the fuel injected variant will be slightly more aggressive and racy. One can notice a slight increase in the fuel efficiency too,as the fuel atoms are spread more evenly through an injector.

This is not really the first time Bajaj has tried using Fuel Injection tschnology on its motorcycles. The Pulsar 220 was first launched wih a Fuel Injected engine, but there were a few issues with the FI system, and the Bajaj service centres did not have the equipment required, and engineers who were qualified to service fuel injection systems, and hence Bajaj decided to scrap Fuel Injection on the 220 and re-launched it with a carburettor instead, and since then there have no issues of any sort with the 220.

bajaj-pulsar-200ns-fuel-injection-technical-specificationsBajaj Pulsar 200NS FI – Technical Specifications

But ever since Bajaj took over KTM, they have become more acquainted with complex fuel injection systems and the service centres for its subsidiaries, Kawasaki and KTM have been servicing performance motorcycles like the Kawasaki Ninja and the KTM Duke which employ Fuel Injection systems, without any sort of problems whatsoever and it is an encouraging factor for Bajaj to know that their After sales service for the Fuel Injected 200NS will be flawless as they will soon be launching it in India too.

Another fact worth taking a look at is that, The Fuel Injected variants of the 200NS which was launched in Turkey, Lebanon and soon to be launched in Indonesia are all built in India, at Bajaj’s manufacturing plant in Chakan, Near Pune which goes to show that, Bajaj has now become mature enough to start producing high performance Fuel Injected Motorcycles without any sort of niggles.

The Fuel Injected variant of the 200NS will cost slightly higher than the Carburettored variant.

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