Spied – Next-gen 2012 Bajaj Pulsar caught again, looks similar to KTM!

Next-gen 2012 Bajaj Pulsar spied - Frontview

India’s second largest two wheeler manufacturer, Bajaj Auto has announced that they will be launching a new variant of Pulsar motorcycle in India by January 2012. Now the next-generation Pulsar motorcycles were caught on camera again, while on their test runs. This time clear images almost from every angle comes from ICB eagle eye reader Earth Fusion, who managed to capture some spy shots of the next-gen Pulsar after apparently managing to follow the company’s test riders for about 6 days! The spy shots indeed reveal a lot about the upcoming bike.


From the images it becomes clear that just as Mr. Bajaj had mentioned in an interview earlier this year, the Next-Gen Pulsars indeed shares some common parts with the KTM 125/200 Duke (that Bajaj has co-developed with KTM and manufactured in India).

  • The engine block on the Next Gen Pulsars looks like a xerox copy of the KTM 125/200 Duke.
  • Note the absence of cooling fins means and what looks like coolant tubes means that the engine on the Next Gen Pulsars is a liquid cooled one.
  • The underbelly exhaust though seems to be inspired from the 125/200 Duke, looks to be different in layout from the KTM.
  • So is the design of the alloy wheels which looks inspired from the KTM but is actually different in design.
  • Mr Bajaj had already mentioned that the Next Gen Pulsar would feature a 4 valve-SOHC head.
  • Downtubes normally associated with conventional frames found on most Indian bikes seem to be absent on the test bikes (from whatever is visible on the spy photos). Looks like there is a good chance that the frame on the Next Generation Pulsar could well be an advanced and modern one (like the Trellis frame on the KTM 200 Duke)..!!


 Next-gen 2012 Bajaj Pulsar spied - RearView

The test bikes in the photos are heavily disguised, moreover final touches like rear mudguard, chain cover, exhaust cover (speculating) and probably a belly pan (speculating again) are missing, therefore commenting on the styling is premature.

Some of the spy shots also reveal some bikes not having a rear disc brake stating that the company may likely launch a 135 or 125 cc version of the new generation Pulsar too. The rear view mirrors seem to be same as the existing Pulsar while the turn indicators are lifted straight from the Pulsar 135. Likely to be placed below the Duke in terms of pricing, a good price tag and good quality from Bajaj is all needed to make this motorcycle a huge hit among the bike lovers.


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Next-gen Bajaj Pulsar 200 to feature an DOHC 4 valves/cyl engine


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