MP Cop performs Singham Stunt on 2 Honda Amaze Sedans

It is a dangerous thing to become inspired by films and conduct risky stunts in real life without any supervision. In 2011, when Ajay Devgn starrer ‘Singham’ film directed by Rohit Shetty was released, a particular scene became very common in which Ajay Devgn is seen balancing himself on two parallel film cars. In ‘Singham’ Ajay Devgn played the role of a police officer. The reason we talk about the film and that particular stunt is because a cop from Madhya Pradesh attempted the same stunt police sub-inspector standing on two Honda Amaze sedans to recreate the scene from the movie and got himself fined in the process when the same video went viral on social media platforms.

Madhya Pradesh Cop performing Ajay Devgn’s popular stunt from ‘Singham’ standing on two Honda Amaze sedans went viral on social media, and got himself fined Rs. 5000/-.

The man in focus here is a sub-inspector named Mr. Manoj Kumar, palced in the Damoh district of MP’s Narsinghgarh Police Station. He tried the same stunt after getting inspired by the movie, and got himself captured on a video. Unsurprisingly, the video went viral on social media, he is also seen wearing black sunglasses and doing some ‘smart’ movements to complete the look and add a little more flair to a very ‘sensational’ stunt. This daredevil act performed by the cop, soon got the attention of his superiors and Mr. Anil Sharma, General of Sagar range, instructed Damoh Superintendent of Police, Mr. Hemant Chauhan to investigate the matter.

After the investigation was concluded, an INR 5,000 fine was imposed and a notice was given against the MP Cop, barring him from future performance of any such actions. The explanation behind the entire investigation and the sub-inspector being fined is that the officials believed that these actions may have the potential to falsely influence the millennials.

We should remember that stunt professionals perform these activities when it comes to films, and that under strict supervision too. There is reasoning behind the disclaimer that is given if the films contain these stunts. The disclaimer reads obviously that in real life one should not imitate these stunts as it could prove to be fatal to one’s life and potentially prove to be dangerous to the lives of other people as well. We also advise our readers to refrain from being falsely influenced and to mimic anything that could be dangerous.


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