2013 Honda CBR400R
2013 Honda CBR400R

After the recent launch of Honda CBR 400 for the Japanese and Asian markets which was unveiled in the year 2012, Honda CBR 400 now includes three models namely CBR400R, CB400F and CBR400X which is meant for adventurous rides. Honda 500 had been given an A2 license tier in Europe which made Honda to restrict this bike to a 46.9 bhp and a 400cc variant.

Honda had not disclosed any information about the specifications of all the three models even after being showcased in the Osaka Motor show. Coming to the technical specifications, Honda CBR 400 series model makes use of 399 cc parallel twin-engine which produces a maximum power of 46PS at 9500 RPM and a maximum torque of 37 Nm at 7500 RPM. Along with this Honda has utilized roller rocker arm which reduces friction between shim type valve adjustments, centrifugal casting to minimize piston distortion in the cylinder, internal relief oil pump structure to reduce friction and improve aeration efficiency.

Apart from this, the instrumentation console is borrowed from the CBR500 which has LCD type of display, 6-speed constant mesh gear box, combined ABS and would provide 39.7 kms per liter under standard test conditions. Honda has released the prices in Japan, and we can reach an approximation basing on that. For reference sake only, we have translated the figures into INR to get a rough idea of the prices we can expect as and when Honda decides on the India launch, but you can expect these prices to come down by some percentage after localization in India. Currency differences have also not been factored here.
Indian-bound Honda CBR400 prices are as follows –

1.  Honda CBR400R (Non ABS)
Graphite Black, Victory Red- 669,900 Yen (INR 364,048/-)
Ross White- 701,400 Yen (INR 381,166/-)

2.  Honda CBR400R (ABS)
Graphite Black, Victory Red- 719,250 Yen (INR 390,867/-)
Ross White- 750,750 Yen (INR 407,985/-)

3.  Honda CB400F (Non-ABS)
Graphite Black, Pearl Sunbeam White- 648,900 Yen (INR 352,636/-)

4.  Honda CB400F (ABS)
Graphite Black, Pearl Sunbeam White- 698,250 Yen (INR 379,497/-)

5.  Honda CB400X (Non-ABS)
Pearl Sunbeam White, Matt Black Powder Gun Metallic, Candy Prominence Red- 679,350 Yen (INR 369,225/-)

6.  Honda CB400X (ABS)
Pearl Sunbeam White, Matt Black Powder Gun Metallic, Candy Prominence Red- 728,700 Yen (INR 396,046/-)
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2013 Honda CB400F
2013 Honda CB400F
2013 Honda CB400X
2013 Honda CB400X


Source – Honda’s Official Japan site (via Motoroids)