Maruti Green revolution


Would a Green car revolution be in India without the countries largest car manufacturer not joining the band wagon? Maruti Suzuki has sold over 96,500 cars upto January 2010 in India alone and has displaced its first concept fully electric vehicle, the Eeco Charge at the Auto Expo 2010 held in Delhi.

EECO charge is not being released as a production model. The EECO a replacement for the Versa is a multipurpose utility vehicle that can seat from five to seven people. Although the electric variant the EECO Charge runs on Lithium Ion batteries, we feel the size is a hampering factor as the range per change is a mere 100 KM.

According to the company the EECO Charge’s electric motor churns out 67 BHP powered by Lithium ion batteries that can hold 24 KWH. It takes 7 hours to recharge the battery fully at 220V and of course is totally green with zero exhaust emission. The car has two modes that you can select, sports and economy, although the top speed of the car is only a 100 KMPH.

The exterior body, platform and interiors are same as that of the, but the heart of EECO charge is an electric motor which is run using advanced lithium-ion batteries.

The detailed specifications of EECO Charge as released by Maruti are :

  • New-Eeco_chargeMax Power – 50 KW / 67 BHP
  • Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Battery Capacity – 24 KWH
  • Recharge time at 220V is 7 Hours
  • Sports / Economy Mode selection
  • Top Speed – 100 KMPH
  • Range on one charge – 100 KM
  • Zero Exhaust Emission

I am impressed by the initiative of Maruti Suzuki to come up with Electric Vehicle concept. I will be gladder on the day when they will roll out an affordable production Electric Vehicle.