Mahindra to launch 3 motorcycle variants in India, including a mystery motorcycle

Mahindra Mojo 300cc motorcycle

During the launch of Rodeo RZ, Mahindra officials revealed they are planning to launch three motorcycle variants in India. Needless to say, the most exciting seems to be the 300cc Mojo which will sit as the flagship motorcycle in Mahindra Two Wheelers’ line-up. However, the best part is that according to Mahindra, Mojo is ‘under test’ and would get to the markets soon.

Another bike in company’s port-folio is the 110cc Stallio which Mahindra took-off after facing technically setbacks. Mahindra would be re-launching the newer version of the Stallio soon and an announcement regarding the same would be made shortly.

However, the third bike in Mahindra’s port-folio remains mystery, but bridging the gap in between entry level commuter and Mojo, a sports offering. So, most probably it would be a 125cc motorcycle by Mahindra. Therefore, we doubt this clueless product with no detail might be coming from SYM stable, the SYM Wolf SB125 Ni (Cevalo).

Mahindra-SYM Cevalo 125cc motorcycle

Sym Wolf SB125 Ni (Cevalo) features a neat digital instrumentation cluster, 260 mm front disc brake, LED tail lamps and sharp looks. There are speculations that SYM Cevalo will be launched in 125cc, 15 BHP, air cooled engine. SOHC & 5 speed gearbox. If we go through the tech specs of Cevalo it looks far better than its rival Hero, Bajaj & TVS. Overall this is an exciting product offering from Mahindra.

Mahindra 2 Wheelers will surely have a big year this time, with the already launched two new scooters Duro DZ and Rodeo RZ; and upcoming three new motorcycles including Mojo, Stallio and mystery motorcycle.

Mahindra Two Wheelers Senior Vice-President (Strategy and Market Development) Viren Popli said –

“We expect to launch three motorcycles this year. We have stopped production of Stallio. We will be making announcements about the newer version of Stallio very soon. There have been so many queries about Mojo. We have been consistently getting it from South, particularly from Chennai. It will be coming soon. It is undergoing some tests now”


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See more pictures of Mahindra’s upcoming 3 motorcycle –

Mahindra Mojo 300cc motorcycle     Mahindra Stallio 110cc motorcycle     Mahindra Cevalo 125cc motorcycle     Mahindra Cevalo 125cc motorcycle - 001

Mahindra Cevalo 125cc motorcycle - 002     Mahindra Cevalo 125cc motorcycle - 003     Mahindra Cevalo 125cc motorcycle - 004     Mahindra Cevalo 125cc motorcycle - 005