KTM Adventure 390 ‘codenamed KT22’ imported to India for R&D purposes

It would not be wrong on our part if we say that KTM motorcycles have gained the most popularity in the Indian motorcycle market in the shortest period of time. Almost every teenage motorcyclist now desires a KTM Motorcycle and many other matured riders too have recognized the touring/street capabilities of a KTM and have gone ahead to purchase one or intend to do so in the near future.


This is all down to the variety of motorcycles KTM has on sale in India which attracts a large diversity of riders. KTM in India currently sells the Duke 200, Duke 390, RC200 and RC390 as their mainstream models and they might really be looking forward to expanding their product portfolio in the near future.

There have been rumors that KTM will be launching an Adventure version of the Duke 390 and these rumors emerged as soon as the Duke 390 was launched, but there has been no response or official announcement of any sort from KTM, now though, we have some solid proof that KTM might actually be considering the launch of the Adventure 390 in India.


Import data has revealed that KTM India has imported two motorcycles to India from its home-country, Austria, and the description reveals that the motorcycles were imported for R&D purposes, and what is more interesting is that the import data goes on to reveal that the motorcycles were powered by a 374cc engine which is the same displacement as the KTM Duke 390 and RC 390, literally the same engine.

The motorcycles are codenamed ‘KT-22’ and this is the first time this codename has come out in the open which could mean that this motorcycle is not one which already existed, but has been newly developed. All these recent developments point to just one direction – towards the KTM Adventure 390.


The design of the Duke 390 and RC 390 was based on their elder siblings, the Duke 990 and the RC 8 respectively, but the upcoming Adventure 390 will be based on an all new design language.

While we know that the Adventure 390 will be powered by the same engines as the Duke 390 and RC 390, we are expecting KTM to retune the engine to produce more low-end torque to suit Adventure/Enduro usage styles.


KTM will reveal the Adventure 390 at the upcoming 2015 EICMA Motorcycle show and we expect it to be displayed at the 2015 Indian Auto Expo and to be launched a few months after.

(Note: The above pictures of KTM Adventure 390 (codenamed KT22) is just a speculated rendering by the artist, the actual motorcycle may defer from the above shown model.)

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Source: Zauba.com

Image Credit: ADVPulse