Mahindra Scorpio & XUV500 with downsized 1.99-litre launched in Delhi

Reacting for Supreme Court’s ban on the sales of diesel cars with engines of 2.0-litre or more in Delhi, Mahindra is the first manufacturer in India to act upon this issue with a 1.99-litre diesel engine which is nothing but a downsized version of the 2.2-litre mHawk motor that powers the twins.


Downsized 1.99-litre engine develops 120 hp/280 Nm in the Scorpio which is identical to what is churned out by the 2.2-litre engine. While the XUV500 spits-out 140 hp/320 Nm that is the similar to the 2.2-litre engine, but produces 10 Nm of less torque. Both vehicles are only available with manual gearbox and two-wheel-drive options, i.e. 5-speed on the Scorpio and 6-speed on the XUV500.

The downsized engine will be on-sale on the Scorpio and XUV500 in Delhi only. The Scorpio 1.99L is now priced between Rs. 9.67 – 12.75 lakh, while the XUV500 1.99L is priced between Rs. 11.58 – 15.51 lakh (both prices are of ex-showroom, Delhi).

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