Mahindra 2-Wheelers had recently launched a new HX mid-variant of its Gusto scooter. With a price tag of Rs 49,000 (ex-showroom Maharashtra), the HX variant is slotted between the base DX and top-end VX variants. The Gusto is sold in six colours – Iceberg White, Galactic Black, Magnetic Magenta, Volcanic Red, Arctic While and Raven Black.

mahindra-gusto-hx-frontThe Gusto is now available in HX mid-variant.

  1. Gusto DX variant: The entry-level DX trim doesn’t get the height adjustable seat option, instead it is fixed at 770mm. The DX also does not get the remote flip key and the follow-me-home lamps. It retails for Rs 47,000 (ex-showroom, Mumbai).
  2. Gusto HX variant: This new HX trim gets the height adjustable seat that can toggle between 735mm and 770mm. However, it doesn’t feature the remote flip key and find-me lamps. The HX retails at Rs 49,000 (ex-showroom, Mumbai).
  3. Gusto VX variant: The top-of-the-line VX trim comes loaded with features and gets the remote flip key, find-me lamps and a height adjustable seat, as standard. The Gusto VX is priced at Rs 51,000 (ex-showroom, Mumbai).

mahindra-gusto-hx-sideThe Gusto HX version gets the height adjustable seat.

Refresher: Mahindra Gusto is powered by a 109.6 cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled all aluminium M-TEC engine that develops 8 bhp @ 7500 rpm and 9 Nm of torque @ 5500 rpm. The scooter comes with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and telescopic front suspension. The Gusto claims a mileage of 63.5kmpl and has a top speed around 90kmph. It takes between 11-13 seconds to do a sprint from 0-60kmph in standard conditions.

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See more pictures of Mahindra Gusto Scooter:

mahindra-gusto-hx-front-end     mahindra-gusto-hx-rear-end     mahindra-gusto-hx-instrument-console

mahindra-gusto-hx-front-fascia     mahindra-gusto-hx-headlamp     mahindra-gusto-hx-ait-inlet

mahindra-gusto-hx-side-viewmahindra-gusto-hx-side-view     mahindra-gusto-hx-height-adjustable-seat     mahindra-gusto-hx-grab-rail

mahindra-gusto-hx-front-telescope-suspension     mahindra-gusto-hx-footstep     mahindra-gusto-hx-exhaust

mahindra-gusto-hx-adjustable-seat     mahindra-gusto-hx-interior-inside     mahindra-gusto-mahindra-gusto-hx-rear


  • rajat k

    Mahindra Gusto is just too cool! I bought it 6 months back and i am very happy with the performance, the price is not bad either.. The adjustable seats is the best feature on this scooter. Since i have been riding it, my back pain has completely vanished. I think it is beause of the seat adjuster feature..

  • Mahindra Gusto is a feature packed scooter having some things which other scooters can’t even dream of having at present.

  • deeksha5

    like this is Mahindra’s best scooter and giving good competitions to other
    scooters in the segment. Curious to know how the seat adjuster feature works
    on this scooter.. will mostly buy this by the end of this month

  • Go ahead with the smart pick.

  • Chandan Banerjee

    I bought Mahindra Gusto recently and it has been running very well..The 110
    cc engine is very smooth on the road.. and the remote key and adjustable seat
    feature is very cool..

    about time some company gave us this feature!

  • Fred J

    has good ground clearance and 65kmpl mileage as well.. Since i travel quite a
    bit i find this very useful. Good one from Mahindra