Land Rover to help Tata Motors build better cars, including the next-gen Safari and Aria


Tata cars with Land Rover design – FrontView

Land Rover’s vehicles are among the best in the world today, with awesome design features and performance to match, whereas its parent company, Tata’s SUV’s are lagging behind in technology, design and performance as well giving reason for their low sales figures. It’s hard to figure out why, because Tata now owns Land Rover and can very well use inputs and technology from Land Rover to make their SUVs better, but they didn’t do so till now. However, word has now finally come out that, Tata and Land Rover will be working together on two vehicles which will sport the Tata badge, but most of the technology is expected to come from Land Rover’s end.

The first of these will be an SUV which will be developed almost entirely by Land Rover, the architecture, the performance, the technology, the underpinnings and even some of the design cues are expected to come from Land Rover. This particular SUV will be priced in the range of 10-15 lakh rupees and guarantees to be a great success for Tata in terms of sales numbers.

On the other hand, there is not much word about the second vehicle, though it is expected to be a crossover, as the crossover segment is touted to be the best segment in the automobile world. The report further suggests that, the next-gen Safari and Aria too would have some Land Rover influence in the design aspect.


Tata cars with Land Rover design – RearView

Only time can tell how this new venture will turn out to be and for it to be a greater success, Tata will have to improve their after sales service facilities in order to accommodate the new changes in technology. And if this turns out to be successful, Land Rover can also consider using Tata for low-cost production of some of its entry-level cars in order to reduce production costs.


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Source – LiveMint

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