KTM Unveils the RC16 Protoype, Their contender for the 2017 MotoGP season

MotoGP – Known to many as the pinnacle of engineering on Two wheels, and known to some others as one of the most entertaining sports in the world. MotoGP, as a sport has been in a good position recently, as it has not become as boring and monotonous as Formula One, but every race is still very interesting to watch, as the winner of the race will known only at the end of the race. What made it even better for MotoGP this year is that, Suzuki made a comeback to the sport as a factory backed racing outfit, joining already existing factory teams such as Yamaha, Honda, Ducati and Aprilia.


Now, there is more good news for MotoGP fans who wanted to see some more neck-to-neck action in the Motorsport, and even more for KTM fans. Yes, the Austrian Motorcycle manufacturer had earlier this year announced that it would be entering MotoGP to compete with other Factory Teams, and now, they have revealed their contender for their entry into MotoGP.

KTM has officially revealed images of the KTM RC-16, their track-bred monster of a motorcycle which will be representing the factory racing team. Pictures of the motorcycle were shared on social media by, Heinz Kinigadner, Sporting Director at KTM and also a stakeholder at the KTM Sport-Motorcycle Corporation.


The Motorcycle is powered by a 1000cc, High-compression V4 Engine which was, of course developed just for MotoGP, but KTM has incorporated some other features from their road going motorcycles, like the RC-8, like the Trellis Frame and WP suspension system, showing just how good their road going motorcycles already are.

The KTM RC-16 is being developed with Former MotoGP Rider Alex Hofmann and Current Moto2 Rider Mika Kallio as test Riders for the team. The Motorcycle is expected to enter MotoGP for the 2017 season.


The Official Rider who will be chosen by KTM Racing is still in the dark, and we have no information as of now, but we do know that, as a Factory Racing Team, KTM will be going up against other Manufacturers in the Sport like Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Ducati and Aprilia, so KTM would be completing the list, making it Three Japanese and Three European manufacturers Vying for the MotoGP 2017 Title.

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