KT&G rolls out ‘Lamborghini’ cigarette

LAMBORGHINI CIGARETTES South Korea’s leading tobacco manufacturer, KT&G has managed to grab the rights to officially launch Lamborghini cigarettes. KT&G, which was earlier known as Korea Tobacco & Ginseng, is now known as Korea Tomorrow and Ginseng. KT&G is also the leading tobacco manufacturer in South Korea. Back in 2009, their market share in the Korean tobacco industry stood at 62%.

But their market share declined due to the entry of foreign brands like Philip Morris International (makers of the famous Marlboro cigarettes), Japan Tobacco and British American Tobacco. Earlier KT&G was owned by the South Korean government, but today it is owned by foreigners. Some of the cigarettes produced by KT&G are Lo Crux, Raison, Esse, Zest, This Plus, This, Arirang, Indigo, and The One.

Earlier this month, KT&G announced that they have successfully acquired the rights to manufacture and market Lamborghini cigarettes globally. KT&G Lamborghini Cigarettes will be launched on the 18th of this month and will be priced at 2,700 Won (INR 120 approx.).

In a statement released by KT&G, they said, “The new premium brand has been in development for the past three years to target both the domestic and overseas markets. The new cigarette has been made of top-of-the-notch materials and has been designed as a premium product with a global brand value.”


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