Government to not encourage driverless cars in India; due to job insecurity

News has recently come that driverless cars will not be allowed in India, due to some reasons. It is reported that these cars could take away jobs and will render people jobless. For some time now, some major automakers have been planning to bring driverless cars in our country, in a bid to reduce accidents on-road.

Recently our road transport minister, Mr. Nitin Gadkari said on behalf of the government that driverless cars will lead to joblessness around the country and they have no intention of promoting jobless cars. Instead, the government will focus on training drivers as to provide employment to close to 50 lakh people. Due to cab aggregators, India suffers a shortage of about 22 lakh drivers.

Clarification has also come that the government has urged manufacturer’s to build electric cars that would be locally-built. Even the Road Transport Ministry has taken a couple of steps to dissuade driverless cars. This can be in the form of introducing luxury buses to modernise transport facilities.

This seems a smart move by the government to discourage driverless cars in order to protect jobs. Due to traffic conditions worsening and burden of driving, people think of driveless cars to be an instant hit when they are launched. But there is more than what meets the eye, and full credit to our government for realising it.

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