IFTRT reported manufacturing defect leading to car blaze in Toyota Etios

As per the investigation carried out earlier, it was a short circuit triggered by faulty wiring done by some private mechanic that led to the car blaze that consumed Toyota Etios. The incident led to the death of the car’s driver, Amit Moga. The 38-year-old Moga was trapped inside and charred to death.

toyota-etios-caught-fire-new-delhiBurnt Toyota Etios (image used as an illustration)

This unfortunate incident occurred in Magolpuri, near Outer Ring road. At that time Moga was returning to Sultanpuri area where is owns a godown. People who witnessed the car catch fire had stated that as the Toyota Etios entered Peera Garhi Chowk, it suddenly went ablaze. Though Moga made many attempts to escape and the onlookers also tried to extricate him, the doors locked by the automatic locking mechanism failed them. Eyewitnesses tried to break the windows with the help of stones from a safe distance but their attempts failed. Trapped inside with no escape route, Moga burnt to death.

Now that the investigation are being carried out, it appears that there was some manufacturing defect in the car. Further investigation that have been conducted by Indian Foundation of Transport Research & Training. They have reported that the Toyota Etios involved in the accident did not have a CNG kit installed in it. They concluded that the car caught fire due to overheating led by manufacturing as well as technical defects.

The Toyota Etios was bought on 12th March, 2012 and has been serviced only by the authorized service personnel of the automaker. The car was last serviced on 8th November, 2013 after which it was driven for a considerable distance. According to the dealership, to which the car was sent for servicing, the Toyota Etios was services strictly in accordance to the norms dictated by the manufacturer. Toyota India has not released any official statement regarding the incident so far.

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Toyota Etios burns 38-year-old man to death at New Delhi