Hyundai Xcent ‘Life is Brilliant’ crosses over 4 million YouTube views in less than 2 weeks

Hyundai Motor India’s first-ever corporate campaign focusing on India, ‘Life is Brilliant’ released on 22nd Nov, 2014. The campaign designed to illustrate Hyundai Motor India’s aim of making customer’s lives happier has received an overwhelming response on the digital space garnering over 4 million views on YouTube in less than two weeks. The campaign has resulted in striking an emotional connect with Indian consumer and has created a buzz in the digital medium by trending and becoming the most watched YouTube viral film in the Hyundai portfolio in India.

hyundai-india-corporate-campaign-life-is-brilliantA still from the TVC of the Life is Brilliant Campaign.

Aiming to become the “Most Loved and Caring Brand” of India, the campaign directly strikes a chord with Indian consumers by bringing alive various emotions through an engaging story line. Since inception, Hyundai Motor India has been continuously growing and has become a household name for over 3.5 million happy families in the country. It has further redefined the consumer’s emotional state, needs and aspirations of being a proud owner of a Hyundai brand.

Speaking at the launch of this campaign, Rakesh Srivastava, Sr. Vice President – Sales and Marketing, HMIL said –

“Life is Brilliant” campaign has created a strong bond between the consumer and the brand Hyundai by evoking an emotional connect by showcasing the car as playing an integral part in reuniting the family. We always strive to play a role that extends beyond being just a car manufacturer to becoming customers’ lifetime companion.”

India plays important role in the market for Hyundai Motor Company, and Hyundai Motor India has been serving Indian customers with high quality products. Hyundai Motor India launched its first ever India centric corporate campaign in line with its global campaign titled Live Brilliant. It is designed to deliver the essence of global brand direction Modern Premium. Hyundai engages with the customer’s on-ground through interactive 360 marketing activations making it the most talked about brand on various digital platforms. Through global and specially designed India specific brand communication, HMIL ensures consistent and sustainable brand excitement.

hyundai-motor-india-life-is-brilliantThe TVC showcases the strong role that Hyundai Xcent plays in uniting the entire family together.

The television commercial establishes the identity of Hyundai brand as Modern Premium through its simple, creative and caring storyline that goes well with the way Hyundai has integrated itself in the Indian consumer’s heart. The storyline depicts a child’s yearning for his mother while she is away from home on a project. The story unfolds to show how the child desires for his mother, and how his father fulfills the dream of bringing his mother back home using a Hyundai car. The TVC showcases the strong role that Hyundai plays in uniting the entire family together. This further accentuates the fact that Hyundai has now become an integral part of India and binds the nation in a fabric full of emotions.

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