From where did this ghost car come?

ghost-car-russiaGhost Car appears in Russia

It appears that Russia is turning into a scary place. Already full of krokodil, banyas and vodka, now the country seems to possess ghost cars as well. Recently, a footage has been going around of a car appearing mysteriously out of thin air. This car appeared suddenly as other vehicles were taking a left turn at one of the busy intersection. No plausible reason could be found out. Though ‘a confluence of bad camera angles’ is one of the theories going around. Nonetheless, it is coming across as an unacceptable explanation and viewers of the video are looking for a more robust reasoning.

Another astounding factor was that though this ghost car appeared out of nowhere, none of the turning and passing vehicles crashed with it. However, a dark BMW did come too close but stopped just at the time to prevent a collision. The footage was recorded by the driver of a vehicle just behind the dark BMW. He screams on witnessing the car’s sudden appearance. As far as the video is concerned, it does not appeared to be tampered with or edited. This video was upload on one of the most popular and widely used video sharing website YouTube on March 31. As of now, it has over a million views.

Everyone who has seen the video is trying to contemplate and rationalize what they have seen. Though some viewers have commented on the video that they are utterly confused and cannot figure out how it happened, a few viewers have posted comments giving their evaluation of the footage by elaborating the sequence to prove that there was no ghost car that appeared abruptly. Whatever the truth is, it is still unknown. And the mysterious car’s sudden appearance on this busy intersection seems to have baffled many.


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