Fiat’s plans for the year 2013 detailed

fiat india

Fiat India has big plans for the year 2013 and those plans are about to materialise in the coming few months. The company will bring their performace cars, the Abarth branded cars and the American car marquee, Jeep to India. Fiat Punto Abarth will be the first car to get launched and the Punto Abarth will come with turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines.

The Punto Abarth will come in June 2013 and will come at a price tag of around Rs.7-8 lakhs and will be manufactured at the company’s Ranjangaon facility to keep the costs low. The Punto Abarth will be the car that will be the hot hatchback most of the performance hungry people have been waiting for but could not really spend a fortune for buying a performance car.

The Jeep cars will make their way to the Indian markets around October 2013 and the Jeeps can be already seen doing rounds in and around Pune. The cars from the brand Jeep which will make their way to the Indian market will be Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. The cars will be brought in via the CBU route which might just make the prices go north due to high import duties.

Fiat has been literally off the automobile market in country for a while and the company has a mere 0.5 percent market share in the country. Fiat definitely plans on increasing this share at the back of the newer launches, bringing newer car brands to India and expanding their dealership base. The road has been quite difficult for Fiat from the moment they parted ways with Tata but now they are better equipped so their fortunes might just go in the right direction from now on.

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