Fiat 500XL 7-seater in the works, sketches leaked!

Fiat 500XL 7-seater patent drawings - FrontView

Late last-month we have already reported our readers about the seven-seater version of Fiat 500L in on the cards. Now it is also believed that Fiat has collaborated with Jeep in order to perfect the 500XL MPV. Production of 500XL is slated to begin by the end of 2013, while launch is expected thereafter. Initially, Fiat will offer the 500XL in European markets followed by South America and Asia.

The Fiat 500XL is a stretched version of the fiat 500L hatchback. The stretching means that the MPV can accommodate two more adults, taking the total seat capacity to 7 adults, up from 5 adults that the 500L hatchback can seat. This seven-seater variants of 500L will longer by 15cm, unlike we said earlier with 20 cm so as to accommodate extra space in its hold.

Under the hood, expect both petrol and diesel engines that power cars based on the Punto platform to be carried over to the 500XL MPV, as has been the case with the 500L. Both Multi-Air and Multi-Jet engines are expected to be the prime engine options on the Fiat 500XL MPV.  Over the last couple of years, Fiat has expanded the 500 line-up of hatchbacks, in order to stay competitive against the BMW owned Mini range of sporty hatchbacks.

Fiat 500XL 7-seater patent drawings - RearView

500L mini trekker too is on the cards and is based on the same design as Fiat five-seater 500L while a trekking nameplate will be added for extra effect. Larger front grills, protruding rear bumper, raised suspension for better off-roading effect and electronically controlled front differentials have been added to the trekker. When and where these drawings will actually become a reality is to be seen. Perhaps Fiat will bring it to the Paris Motor Show which will start on September 29th, 2012.
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