Emergency Assistance in Ford EcoSport saves lives in an accident during media drive

Crashed Ford EcoSport

Crashed Ford EcoSport

Safety features is one the key selling factors in the modern day vehicles. These features are highlighted, but cannot be demonstrated since they come in action only during unfavorable conditions. One such safety feature in the new Ford EcoSport is the Emergency Assistance which demonstrated its capabilities in an accident that occurred during a review drive in Goa.

It was a routine review drive organized by Ford for the media, when one the SUV`s which had two journalist on-board met with an accident. The driver lost control on a curve and hit into a lamppost. The impact was so hard that the SUV flipped to the side and this caused the airbags to deploy. The driver and the co-passenger had put on their seat belts which avoided any sever injuries to them.

The Emergency Assistance in EcoSport is programmed to come into action right after the airbags are deployed or the emergency fuel pump is shutoff. In this case since the airbags were deployed the system dialed the emergency number “108” via the driver’s cell phone which was connected to the Ford Sync system via Bluetooth. Because of the emergency call an ambulance arrived at the crash spot within 10 minutes and proper medical assistance could be provided on time.

Although the incident was an unfortunate one, but knowing that the safety features in your vehicle really works makes one realize how important they can be.


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Ford Ecosport emergency assistance how it works

Ford Ecosport emergency assistance how it works?