DC Designs proves itself competent

When you think of great automakers in the country, DC Designs is one name that stands out for coming up with amazing products. The automaker has proven itself as one of the most competent manufacturer. Here are its 5 products that prove the same:

1.  DC Gaia


DC Gaia is an ultra-luxurious concept car which made its debut in the year 2003. The car has an elongated hood, massive wheels, twin exhausts and a unique design. This elegant car promises a top speed of 240 kmph. DC Designs manufactured only 25 unites of this beautiful car.

2.  DC Circa 2020


DC Circa 2020 is a great combination of an SUV and a sports car which was revealed in the year 2004. The car had a futuristic appearance and it took only 90 days to complete it. With its muscular curves and 20 inch wheel rims, it is an amazing car.

3.  DC Infidel


DC Infidel, introduced in the year 2002, was a participant in the Delhi Auto Expo as well as Geneva Motor Show. The headlights and rear of the car was inspired from Lamborghini cars. It features low ride height, low riding Dunlop Sport 9000 tyres and 19 inch alloy rims. DC Infidel was beautiful, exotic and powerful.

4.  DC Imperator


DC Imperator was a blend of an SUV and a roadster. Unveiled in the year 2010, the car was a participant at the Delhi Auto Expo. The car flaunted gull wing doors, curvaceous exteriors and 28 inch alloy wheels. With V12 6200cc engine, this car was very powerful.

5.  DC Avanti


DC Avanti is the first Indian supercar which was introduced in the year 2012. This exotic car comes with 2 L, four cylinder, Turbocharged engine that produces a power of 261 BHP. Its engine has been mated with 6-speed dual clutch system. The car can accelerate from zero to 100 kmph in just 7 seconds!

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