‘Taarzan’ – The Wonder Car abandoned

India’s own automotive design house, DC Design had first unveiled ‘Taarzan – The Wonder Car’ on 15th July, 2004 a month ahead of movie release. The car was based on a Toyota MR2 (1991 model) with a mid-engined, rear-wheel drive layout and a full cab-forward design.

dc-design-taarzan-the-wonder-car‘Taarzan’ – The Wonder Car abandoned

This car was first re-modelled and showcased at the 2002 Auto Expo in New Delhi, in the form of the DC Infidel showcasing DC’s design capabilities to the Europeans especially. For me, even today DC Infidel looks like a thoroughbred sportscar and is one of DC’s best creations. The Infidel formed the basis for a slightly more exaggerated creation of the same car in 2004, the Taarzan.

dc-design-infidelDC Infidel

The car was back on DC’s drawing board, and re-designed start from scratch. It took the team eight months to design and produce Taarzan. It was second model based on the MR2 platform and was out for sale at a whooping cost of Rs. 2 crore. We are not sure, if DC design has managed to sell it or not. And later in 2006, the Taarzan was again-up for sale in ebay asking a price of Rs. 35 lakh for 15 year old vehicle, again we aren’t sure if it has found any buyers. For the 8 long years the Taarzan wasn’t in the news, today  all that I found is this abandoned picture of ‘Taarzan – The Wonder Car’.

In the movie, the Taarzan is the hero on four wheels and can swim, fly, cross fires and fight villains as well! 😛

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See more pictures of DC Design’s Taarzan –

dc-design-taarzan-the-wonder-car-001     dc-design-taarzan-the-wonder-car-002     dc-design-taarzan-the-wonder-car-003

dc-design-taarzan-the-wonder-car-004     dc-design-taarzan-the-wonder-car-005     dc-design-taarzan-the-wonder-car-006


Source – Autogadget blog (on Facebook)


  • Roger That

    Worst car in Indian history. Glad its not on the market right now. DC is a disgrace to Indian Designer’s community. On one side Companies like TVS, Mahindra are creating masterpieces along with Pininfarina & BMW and on the other side dumbfucks like DC are ruining Indian Automotive industry’s image.

  • Aashik

    Where did you find this car

  • Aashik

    Yeh its a disgrace now since we have fluidic design eon Verna i20 and sporty looking family cars . But back then when we had only boxy designed 800, round Amby this was one jaw dropping design

  • Painful to see this car as abandoned in unknown location!

  • Yup, this car was a craze in those days and the design actually was liked by many automobile enthusiasts!

  • Praveen

    From where did u get the image of the car brother

  • Hey Praveen, you can see the source mentioned!

  • Mayank

    How much pay to buy this car now

  • Srijan Aneja

    I want to buy this car