Most costly mobile home – eleMMent Palazzo

Every now and then we come across news items that leaves us stunned, in a good way. And we have found such a news doing rounds over internet. We have recently heard that the most costly mobile home is now available for sale in Dubai for a whopping $3 million, making it the most expensive mobile home ever sold. This mobile home is basically a huge 40 foot long eleMMent Palazzo. It has been manufactured by Marchi Mobile, an Austria based automaker and has a Volvo heart under its hood.

marchi-mobile-elemment-palazzo-exterior-viewMarchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo

This gigantic mobile home has been covered with gold and it offers a wide range of luxurious features to give you a comfortable and unique living experience. A lot of pictures of this massive mobile home have been circling over internet. The pictures does not simply show you the home from outside but also give you a good view of its insides. The 40 foot mobile home is quite a spacious and elegantly designed place. It look very state of the art, modern and classy.

Some of the features of this mobile home have been enlisted as follows:

  • The mobile home has a 40 inch flat screen television installed in it.
  • It comes with a pop-up cocktail lounge where you can chill out and have fun.
  • It even has a fireplace integrated in it.
  • The 40 foot mobile home has a master bedroom.
  • It comes with underfloor heating system installed in place.
  • This mobile home even has its own rooftop terrace where you can sit and enjoy the weather.

Besides such amazing features, you can even turn this beautiful and luxurious mobile home into a personal retreat with just a press of a button. You can take it anywhere you desire. With its extravagant marble lighting, pop-up cocktail and the sky lounge, one can have some great time with their loved one or friends. This mobile home is quite a treat for the eyes.

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See more pictures of eleMMent Palazzo –

marchi-mobile-elemment-palazzo-001     marchi-mobile-elemment-palazzo-002     marchi-mobile-elemment-palazzo-003

marchi-mobile-elemment-palazzo-004     marchi-mobile-elemment-palazzo-005     marchi-mobile-elemment-palazzo-006