Breaking – Nissan badged Duster SUV christened ‘Terrano’

2013 Nissan Terrano SUV

2013 Nissan Terrano SUV

The folks at AutoCarIndia bring us a sparkling revelation that Nissan has christened its own version of Duster SUV as ‘Terrano’. Another surprise revealed here is that Terrano will be priced around Rs 50,000-75,000 more than the Duster, unlike the current trend where Nissan’s are priced lower than their equivalent Renault models.

How come the Nissan version costlier than Renault? It was an agreement between Renault-Nissan that when Renault badge engineers a Nissan car, the Renault version has to be priced higher than its Nissan donor and vice versa. You can see the Micra and Sunny, it’s cheaper than its badge-engineered compatriot, the Pulse and Scala.

Now it’s time for Nissan to price the Terrano higher than the donor Renault Duster. But unlike the badge-engineered Scala and Pulse, which are the Sunny and the Micra with a few plastic add-ons, the Terrano will come with more significant exterior changes. The folks here also say that Nissan SUV will see changes to the sheet metal as well to bring the car in line with other Nissan SUVs.

The Terrano will come with a re-styled front & rear bumpers, headlights, tail-lights and repositioned license plate housing at rear. It speculated to borrow some cues from its elder siblings (Nissan SUVs) especially from the X-trail. On the inside, the interiors will be identical as part of cost-cutting, the only difference will be the Nissan logo pasted on the steering wheel. Also no mechanical changes are reported.

Like the Sunny name, Nissan has resurrected the Terrano moniker, which it had given to an earlier-generation mid-size SUV launched way back in 1993 and discontinued in 2006. The Nissan badged Duster christened ‘Terrano’ will hit the showrooms across the country by end-2013.


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