BMW 1-series to launch in India by second half 2012

Bmw 1series Hatchback

German automaker BMW has finally realized the importance of entry level cars which are low on budget and still manage to offer some good features. After creating ripples in the premium car market with its sub-25 lakh X1 SUV, now is considering to launch BMW 1 Series and Mini sub-brand soon.

Recently BMW has revealed its all new 1-series hatchback (codename: F20) which goes on sale in the international market by September. The India launch is expected a year later in the second half of 2012. The 1-series is the smallest (and cheapest) BMW in the range which is why the company sees great potential for its all-new five-door hatchback in the Indian market.

The 1 series may not be the prettiest cars around, but who cares, really – all that matter is that round blue and white logo on the grille, a rear wheel drive, and some of the most intoxicating engines under the hood. It’s bigger than your usual hatchback for sure though, and the cabin space and comfort would be more than your 5 lakh hatchback any given day.

The 1-Series for India will be powered by the same engines which do duty on the X1. The 2.0 liter diesel produces 181 bhp of power whereas the 2.0 liter petrol produces 150 bhp of power. With the lighter weight of the 1-Series and rear-wheel drive configuration, expect the 1-Series to be an out and out driver’s car, reviving the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ tag for BMW. At an expected price of Rs. 15-18 lakhs, the 1-Series is bound to create a segment which will help BMW double its sales in no time.

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