Bajaj RS200, AS200 and AS150 motorcycle’s launched in Mangalore

Since its launch in 2001 the Bajaj Pulsar has created, defined and expanded the sports motorcycle market in India. Today Pulsar sells more than 55,000 units every month in the domestic sports motorcycle market with a leadership market share of 43%  it India’s no.1 sports bike for 14 years in a row.

Pulsar Adventure Sport Series


The Pulsar Adventure Sport series embodies unparallel power and alpha male muscular styling to tame any distance or terrain. The Adventure Sport has been launched in 2 variants-the Pulsar AS200 and the Pulsar AS150.

Pulsar Adventure Sport targets youth and young working segments. It’s a great city sports bike which is designed to also gear up for long weekend rides. It offers world class styling and performance which is unmatched by any other competition bike.

The Pulsar Adventure Sport comes with a distinct style combining a muscular fairing and extended visor, both of which help it tack long distance riding and wind resistance with aplomb. It is mounted on a perimeter frame with a mono-shock absorber to provide rock solid stability and control at high speeds. The sturdy styling is only matched with its power delivery. The AS200 and AS150 belt out 23 and 16.5bhp of power respectively which makes them more powerful than any other competition bike in their category.

The Pulsar AS200 will be priced at Rs 92,724 and the Pulsar AS150 at Rs 79,950 (both ex-showroom Bangalore). Available colours, Red, Black and Blue.

Pulsar Racing Sport 200


The Pulsar RS200 demonstrates the design, fit and finish of the dream super sports bike that Indian youth would love to ride on. The muscular yet aerodynamic bike with its Pulsar design character, stylish front fairing and evolved performance dynamics entices you to race. Once astride, the HD focus twin projector headlights tame the darkest roads with devil’s eyes. The high intensity crystal LED tail lamp mesmerizes other riders that it leaves behind.

The Pulsar RS200 unleashes 24.5 PS power and achieves a top speed of 141km/hr and redlines at 11,000 rpm. It is a bike that is designed to take on the race track or everyday roads with equal ease, like a true Pulsar would.

The new Pulsar is in a position to completely change the dynamics and expectations in the Super-Sport segment. The Pulsar RS200 starts at Rs 1,19,643/-and the ABS version comes at Rs 1,31,1900 /- (both ex-showroom, Bangalore).

Supreme Auto Dealers Pvt. Ltd., dealer of Bajaj Vehicles, delivered the first lot of Bajaj RS200 motorcycle’s in Mangalore on 24-06-2015. The keys of the new RS200’s were handed over to 13 esteem customers by the Member of the state Legislative Council, Ivan D’Souza, Mangalore in the presence of Supreme Auto Dealers, Managing Director, Mr. Aroor Kishore Rao, and Director, Mr. Aroor Arjun Rao. Bike can be booked in Supreme Bajaj showrooms in Mangalore.

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