VIDEO: Bajaj Pulsar RS200 spotted with a white paint job; launching soon

The Bajaj RS200 has since the start, had its own fair share of fans as well as critics when it comes to the aesthetic aspect. Few felt it looked too loud and in your face, while few others though it was nice, in a funky transformer style. Well, for me it was just the colors on offer that was ruining the design from the start. While launching the RS200, Bajaj chose to go for bright Red and bright Yellow colors to offer to its customers. While some might have liked it, to me it was more of a sore point and I always thought that the RS200 would look a lot better in t a darker shade with slightly lesser graphics, and Bajaj has done just that.


Recently, Bajaj launched a new color for the RS200, named ‘Demon Black’, the new color instantly made the RS200 look a lot better. It looked subtle while being sporty and aggressive. It featured all-black plastic panels all around, with a few Dark Red graphics at a few places. I absolutely loved this paint job, and so did many others, and sales instantly went up for Bajaj. Well, looks like Bajaj is at it again, as we have pictures of an RS200 draped in White, and we must say it looks beautiful.

Well, if Bajaj Named the black color Demon Black, they certainly should name this White, Angel White, because that is how beautiful it actually looks. There aren’t many other additions to the aesthetics of the motorcycle, but just the beautiful white paint job and the usual set of graphics that come with the Pulsar RS200 and the Pulsar RS200 decals on the rear panels. Other than that it is all plain and pretty draped in white.


Other than this aesthetic change, there are no other changes from the design aspect or mechanical aspect. The motorcycle will still be powered by the same 199.5cc, Liquid cooled, Fuel Injected, single cylinder engine with the same power output. Other features found on the RS200 like ABS will also be available with the new color.

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