We have been constantly reporting about the upcoming Pulsar RS200 (formerly Pulsar 200SS), which is the first full-faired motorcycle from Bajaj Auto. BA readers know that the launch of Pulsar RS200 is scheduled for today. The official launch is just few hours away, and there have been a lot of speculations about this upcoming motorcycle.

bajaj-pulsar-rs200-shadesThe Pulsar RS200 will be hitting the roads in four colours – Red, Blue, Yellow and Black.

The teaser website reveals the new tagline for the Pulsar RS200 is the ‘fastest Pulsar yet’. Alot of people have been asking what colours are the Pulsar RS200 available in so here’s some photos for you guys. These photos are from the private viewing event held by the company officially in some foreign countries.

So here’s the Pulsar RS200, there are 4 colours. Not the same as the colours of the Pulsar 200NS of course. Your choices are Red-White, Blue-White, Yellow-White with Black being standard on sides of the fuel tank. An iconic full Black pulsar with some Golden touch has also been spotted. However, the Pulsar RS200 prices and other details will be revealed at the launch event today afternoon in Mumbai.

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Red-White Livery

bajaj-pulsar-rs200-red-white-livery-001     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-red-white-livery-002     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-red-white-livery-003

Blue-White Livery

bajaj-pulsar-rs200-blue-white-livery-001     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-blue-white-livery-002     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-blue-white-livery-003

Yellow-White Livery

bajaj-pulsar-rs200-yellow-white-livery-001     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-yellow-white-livery-002     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-yellow-white-livery-003

Black-Gold Livery

bajaj-pulsar-rs200-black-gold-livery-001     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-black-gold-livery-002     bajaj-pulsar-rs200-black-gold-livery-003


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  • Noel Sandeep

    when will black colour of rs 200 will launch in india

  • Yes the Pulsar RS200 blue and black will be introduced at later stage, currently there is no fix date on when exactly the launch will happen. And looking by the current sales of RS200, don’t expect the new colour to be introduced anytime this year.

  • lokesh devasani

    Is it possible ….. If i pay extra money and pre order pulsar 200rs in blue and white livery……if so , thn can u help u out with that by giving someone contact .. please m really looking forward to buy a bike in that colour

  • No way, however, as said in above comment Bajaj has plans to introduce new colour on Pulsar RS200 but at later stage. And if you’re willing spend few extra bucks for now, you can get the after-market job done. Also the Blue has similar graphics to Yellow and Red.

  • Santosh

    Pulser 200 rs Blue white color kabhi launch honga

  • Jab Pulsar RS200 sales giregha tab!

  • Faiz Saifi

    Matt black but acha colour hai
    Abs. Or non abs m kya fark hai
    Can u tell me?…:-)

  • Gowtham

    The Demon black has been launched now which is totally different from the above shown model of black and gold while people were waiting for the above shown one,why isn’t the black and gold not released ?

    And when will the blue color will be launched..can u tell the the approximate month or something .

  • As said above, Bajaj Auto has plans to introduce new colour on Pulsar RS200 but at later stage, when the sales start diminishing. For now you’ll have to spend few extra bucks, you can get the after-market job done. Also note the Blue has similar graphics to Yellow and Red.

  • jefferson

    Saya dari Amerika ingin tahu ketika aku sampai versi biru dengan putih untuk negara kita saya menulis pada tanggal ini karena hanya saya mendapatkan 2015/11/23 versi silahkan repondeme kuning merah

  • Saat ini di India Pulsar RS200 pada jual dalam 3 warna – Merah, Kuning dan Biru. Pilihan warna yang tersedia di pasar internasional di diketahui.

  • jefferson

    tetapi jika Anda tidak tahu kapan ia datang ke Amerika karena di sini hanya tersedia dalam dua warna dan merah alarillo apa yang saya inginkan terutama tahu apakah akan membawa semua warna karena warna biru sangat bagus dan di negara saya tidak terus menerus silahkan menjawab ….

  • Ya biru Pulsar RS200 akan diperkenalkan
    pada tahap berikutnya, saat ini tidak ada tanggal fix kapan tepatnya peluncuran
    akan terjadi di India atau countires lainnya. Dan mencari oleh penjualan saat
    RS200, jangan berharap warna baru yang akan diperkenalkan dalam waktu dekat.

  • jefferson

    Di sini di Amerika kita mengharapkan rs versi 200 datang dalam warna biru matisado putih karena saya tidak saat ini datang harus membawa empat yang sudah ada di negara Anda dari India yang baik tapi itu kekhawatiran saya terima kasih tapi mungkin mereka tahu kapan akan datang biru silakan menulis saya, saya akan memeriksa

  • Tinggal tune ke bharathautos.com kita pasti akan posting
    artikel ketika warna biru Bajaj Pulsar RS200 adalah pada jual India. Terima kasih.