VIDEO: Bajaj Auto demonstrates advantage of ABS System on Pulsar RS200

The recently launched Bajaj Pulsar RS200 is equipped with optional single-channel ABS unit on the front wheel. However, the regular customers who walk away to showroom are unaware of the advantages of ABS on a motorcycle, thus, inorder to educate the customers Bajaj Auto has released a video demonstrating the clear advantages of ABS on the Pulsar RS200.

The top-end Pulsar RS200 equipped with single-channel ABS unit is supplied by Bosch and priced Rs 12,000 more than the standard variant. After viewing this video, one would think that it’s worth paying a little extra to pick a Pulsar RS200 with ABS feature. Most importantly, under both gravel and wet slippery surface, ABS lets the rider have complete control of the bike.

While the non-ABS version loses control, under such conditions, leading to a fall or increased braking distance. Most of the motorcycle accidents are caused, when the rider brake suddenly which lock the front wheel and by preventing it, one can come out of a risk without much drama. ABS equipped variant performs admirably well under both tricky conditions and enables the Pulsar RS200 to come to a halt within the required distance.

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