Bajaj Pulsar 200NS rides though its Exhaust Submerged in Water

A couple of months before, we bought you the video of KTM Duke 200 riding though water with its exhaust submerged. Today we have another video of its exotic cousin the Pulsar 200NS, doing a similar test. Therefore, it is proved both the brothers are can breathe through water with its underbelly exhaust completely submerged.

Thanks for official Pulsar Youtube channel for demonstrating how the Pulsar 200NS performs in water logged conditions, even with the exhaust fully submerged in water. From what we can see, the Pulsar 200NS has performed admirably well, with no hint of water affecting the motorcycle by seepage through the underbelly exhaust.

The video showcases the following tests in a place where water was filled till 16.5 inches (upto the knee):

  • Bike riding through water at 15 km/h
  • Idling in water
  • Stopping and starting in water
  • The bike can be parked switched-off in water and restarted even after 30 mins

In all the above situations both the bikes, KTM Duke 200 and Bajaj Pulsar 200NS came out triumphant without facing any issues. This gives testimony to the fact that KTM and Bajaj Auto have carefully designed the underbelly exhaust of both the bikes to be trouble free in the monsoons.

Meanwhile, you guys check out the video below.


What we say? We advice KTM Duke 200 and Bajaj Pulsar 200NS owners, to be careful while riding your bike through water in the rains as the long term impacts of such things are still unknown.


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Video – KTM Duke 200 rides though its Exhaust Submerged in Water