Video – KTM Duke 200 rides though its Exhaust Submerged in Water

Under belly exhaust for KTM Duke 200

When KTM Duke 200 made its presence in India during February 2012, everybody worried about the underbelly exhaust not being suitable for the rainy reason. Some even (including Duke owners) thought that water would seep in when the Duke 200 has to wade through water, thereby seeping inside the engine and causing damage.

Now a video emerged in Youtube which shows how the KTM Duke 200 performs in water logged conditions, even with the exhaust fully submerged in water, published by a person named Vijay. From what we can see, the KTM Duke 200 has performed admirably well, with no hint of water affecting the motorcycle by seepage through the underbelly exhaust.

The video showcases the following tests in a place where water was filled till 16.5 inches (upto the knee):

  • Bike riding through water at 15 km/h
  • Idling in water
  • Stopping and starting in water
  • The bike can be parked switched-off in water and restarted even after 30 mins

Now we all know that the Bajaj Pulsar 200NS also has a similar underbelly exhaust… So it should ideally mean that the Pulsar 200NS should also wade easily though Knee deep water, right?


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