Mystery Bajaj motorcycle spotted in Indonesia – what could this be?

We have these pics of a mystery Bajaj motorcycle, thanks to Dianto Maryuda a Pulsar 200NS Indonesia forum member who snapped the semi-faired Pulsar 200 NS, alongside the Pulsar 200 SS and 400SS/CS at the event in Indonesia.

bajaj-pulsar-200-semi-fairedMystery Bajaj motorcycle, are you the semi-faired Pulsar 200?

Going by the looks the bike is a semi-faired version of Pulsar 200 NS to compete against the likes of Karizma-R. The major changes on the bike is a semi-fairing which reminds you of the Pulsar 220 with the re-styled headlamp which gets projector and two pilot lamps, also note the full rear mudguard. Apart from the visual changes, the changes to the engine is unknown at the moment, it is believed to be blessed with fuel-injection unit.

On the other-hand, is it official or modified? We don’t know yet but people here in Indonesia calling it Bajaj Pulsar 200AS, where “AS” stands for Adventure Sports. Furthermore, looking at the blank registration plate and displayed at the event alongside the Pulsar 200 SS and 400SS/CS, we don’t think it’s an after-market job.

It does have the badge on the tail-kit, and another on the fairing, however, due to the low-quality picture we’re unable to read it. And this is the fourth model under Pulsar brand unveiled outside India, earlier Pulsar 200NS FI, Pulsar 200SS and Pulsar 150NS were unveiled in Turkey. I don’t understand why Bajaj Auto should wrap-off its new products outside India, anyway let’s hope it hits our shores soon!

What do you think this mystery Bajaj motorcycle could be, do comment below?

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SourcePulsar 200NS Indonesia


  • amit

    This pulsar might be 200AS where AS stands for adventure sports…. but i dont understand why bajaj auto is so keen on export units, leaving behind their hometown, where many youth would buy these bikes …….

  • bamm


    All picture is in india, not in indonesia


  • bharathautos

    Its in Indonesia bro for sure.

  • Sharan Mudda

    The problem with most of the Indian automobile companies ( bajaj, tata, TVS, hero), they think that to be considered a good brand they have to be recognized internationally. They think of reaching the level of bmw and Honda. What they don’t know about bmw and Honda is that the first priority of these companies is to develop their products for their countries people. For example when bmw came out with their superbikes they released it in their countries market first and only after becoming successful in their respective country they think of entering foreign market.

  • Well said Sharan Mudda, but today’s market has changed! In the point of business, the companies no longer are loyal to their customers, they just want to expand their business as it will clearly charge over bigger volumes which would mean more production strain and bring-in more profit.