Mitsubishi E-Evolution Concept is technical prototype car

At the 2019 Dubai International Motor Show, Mitsubishi Motors Middle East and Africa (MMMEA) is bringing “Drive Your Ambition” to a new level with the Middle East debut of the high-performance all-electric “Mitsubishi e-Evolution” SUV concept car.


The Mitsubishi e-Evolution is a technological concept that highlights the strategic strategies of a revived Mitsubishi Motor Corporation (MMC) brand combining the strengths of SUV, EV, and the ability to integrate new systems for a connected customer experience with mobility.

Masahiko Takahashi, President at Mitsubishi Motors Middle East and Africa said: “Our global tagline “Drive your Ambition” amplifies Mitsubishi Motors’ commitment and efforts in creating vehicles that are exciting, dynamic, tough, Innovative, and smart to cater for customers’ needs around the world. This year, we are proud to present for the first time ever in the Middle East the Regional Preview of the Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept car, which embodies the company’s new adventurous and progressive brand strategy.”


The development of the Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept expresses the readiness to catch the ground with all four wheels, and the agility of a high-performance cross-country tourer coupled with MMC’s long and powerful history of proven off-road performance, along with superior 4WD control.

The front face is a fresh take on the Archetypal Dynamic Shield of MMC–the current 2020 Outlander PHEV, 2020 Montero Sport and 2020 ASX–model can now be seen. The black grill is screened under glass to offer a subtle rendering to the car that it is an electric vehicle of high performance. Protected under the glass and accentuated for emphasis by blue lines, sitting cameras and sensors. Large intakes of air are located under the headlamps, ready to cool the calipers of the electric brake. In addition to the excellent aerodynamics of the vehicle, the drawn-in air passes jet tailfins on the C-pillars before leaving the rear bumper on either side.

A sharply inclined front windshield and short overhangs give the MITSUBISHI e-EVOLUTION CONCEPT a distinctive side profile that was not possible before the electrical propulsion arrived. The plan of nimbleness and flexibility is high ground clearance, short overhangs, broad shoulders, and narrow hips. Muscular tires producing powerful 4WD torque at the four corners. Bars running on either side of the roof from front to back enhance the rugged look of the vehicle. The broad hexagon design at the rear is inspired by the spare tire cover of the famous Pajero, the quintessential SUV.


The Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept’s cockpit inside shows that its designers were free to go beyond the traditional firewall. The Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept is powered by three torque electric motors, and the absence under the hood of a huge internal combustion engine allowed designers the opportunity to construct a radically new cockpit. The instrument panel in front of the driver appears to float. The instrument panel adopts the horizontal styling of MMC’s trademark, concentrating on details above the axis and action below. The horizontal instrument panel acts like a level in an electronic viewfinder making it easier to sense the vehicle’s condition during driving.

A large flat screen covers the dashboard’s full width. This displays information about external conditions, navigation and coaching. There are two smaller screens flanking the large screen, showing images from front and rear cameras. Full-glass windows provide 360-degree visibility for a feeling closer to a jet fighter than a car.


Electric Vehicle (EV) System:  The Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept uses high-torque, high-performance electric motors fed by a high-capacity battery system to provide the smooth, powerfully responsive speed that distinguishes EVs from ICE-powered internal combustion engines. The drive battery was placed under the vehicle’s mid-ship floor to provide a low center of gravity for optimum driving stability.


4WD System: The 4WD triple motor system uses a single motor to drive the front wheels for exceptional driving performance, complemented by a new Dual Motor Active Yaw Control (AYC) system that combines two rear motors with an electronically controlled AYC torque-vectoring unit. All of this is integrated into the unique vehicle dynamic control system Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) from MMC. The performance of the cornering and traction is improved. With the aid of electrical calipers that supersede the traditional hydraulic caliper, the brakes reactively and reliably control the driving forces.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) System: The Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept brain is an AI system that increases the capacity of the driver. An array of sensors helps the AI system to interpret changes in road and traffic conditions immediately, as well as the driver’s intention to help drivers of all abilities by making control of the vehicle easier and safer. A special coaching function enables the AI system to transfer knowledge to the driver and improve driving expertise unobtrusively.

The device develops a training program after developing an image of the driver’s skill level that offers guidance through voice dialog and a large dashboard monitor. As a result, drivers of all abilities find a vehicle quickly that behaves the way they want.


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