Bajaj Discover replaces Hero Splendor as world’s largest selling motorcycle


The country’s second largest bike manufacturer, Bajaj Auto claims that the sales of Discover is greater than Hero MotoCorp’s Splendor in the month of September 2012. It is the time for the after effects of the split of Hero and Honda got visible now. However, counter claims by Hero MotoCorp have refuted these reports saying that it is their Splendor that is still the most popular and largest selling motorcycle in the world.

Hero Motocorp has been facing a huge fall in the sales of their bikes. It’s not like that the bike market has dipped but it is only Hero Motocorp which is losing numbers day by day. And it was obvious that Bajaj Auto is the one to get benefits from it. In the sales of September,2012, Bajaj Auto claims to have sold 1,22,918 units of Discover, which is more than Hero’s bread and butter bike Splendor, as a total of 1,21,018 Splendor bikes only have been sold during the same time. This shows that Bajaj Auto is gaining in exports, a market which Hero is likely to overtake and with it regain its No.1 position.

To retain their hold in the market, Bajaj Auto have announced that there will be no price hikes for the coming 2 to 3 months despite the fact that a number of auto companies are increasing prices of their four wheelers citing higher input costs.


Showing his excitement on this achievement, K Srinivas, Bajaj Auto President (Motorcycle Business) said –

“Innovation, better features, competitive pricing and the ability to do more than merely commute, courtesy the focus on power without compromising on the mileage, as the key factors which give the Discover the edge. He added “When we launched the Discover in 2004, the brand we wanted to attack was the Splendor. In eight years, we have got very close. Obviously, we will start the chase. Whether we will continue this or not is only what the future will tell us.”


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