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Our regular readers may know that earlier-this year during the Auto Expo season we published an article revealing that Hero Moto not only removed the Honda name from all the vehicles, but also rebranded its popular motorcycles. Now just a few days back when the company announced its aggressive expansion plans by investing huge amounts in setting up new plants and a R&D centre. In less than six days another announcement has been made now.

According to Pawan, company has re-initiated the sales of its best-selling models Splendor and Passion under the trademark “Hero” this quarter. Hero is bound to drop the Honda brand name from its flagship products as Hero MotoCorp were highly enthusiastic over bringing out an independent identity at the earliest. Though the agreement says that Hero can retain the previous badge till June 2014, it is the same year till which Honda will provide technical assistance to Hero MotoCorp, but we believe Hero wasn’t planning for any such thing.

Last year in August, it launched its own brand Hero MotoCorp along with two new two wheelers, Hero Impulse and Hero Maestro. After the alliance was discontinued and Hero went solo, it recorded the highest sales ever of 6.2 million units sold in the financial year 2011-2012. Hero MotoCorp’s sales touched a sky rocketing all time high in the first two consecutive months of this fiscal (5,51,557 units) and May (5,56,644 units). With this Hero MotoCorp is ready to launch overseas by starting exports to new countries, under the new brand name Hero.

Hero drops Honda name from Splendor Pro - Twin-pod analog cluster(We apologize for bad quality images)

Central America and Nigeria are the first targets of exports and the process will begin by the next quarter (July-September, 2012) with the first lot of 125cc Hero branded bikes. “Now that we are on the threshold of becoming a truly global company, our initial focus is on markets where the volumes are large and products can be sold with minimum changes. So right now, our existing products with suitable modifications will be made available in the new international markets. We have already identified partners for these markets,” added a confident Pawan Munjal.


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