Bajaj Auto to shift new Chetak production outside Maharashtra

News has come that Bajaj Auto are looking to develop a new production hub for the new Chetak. This was revealed by Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj Auto in a recent interview. It is being said that cities such as Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Delhi have been listed as potential destinations for the upcoming assembly line.


Mr. Bajaj further elaborated by saying that these cities were offering better incentives in setting up a production hub for them in the future. These could also potentially ready more electric vehicles from the company following the Chetak. Bajaj Auto are expected to introduce a slew of models in the electric two-wheeler space during the next couple of years and the new facility could prove to be a catalyst for that to happen.

At present, Bajaj have a facility which is located in Chakan, Pune. The company managed to manufacture and sell 600 units of the Chetak during the first half of 2020. It is to be noted that the Chetak retails only in Pune and Bengaluru, with more cities set to begin selling the electric scooter soon.


According to Mr. Bajaj, the Maharashtra government did allot a sizeable amount of land in Chakan, Pune in order to build a new factory. Since Bajaj have been unable to use the land upto full effect due to the ongoing pandemic, this has led to a bit of a problem coming to it. This is because the Maharashtra government has said to either vacate the given land or pay for the same.

As a result, Bajaj Auto are looking for options elsewhere and have listed the three cities. Mr.Bajaj said that he was impressed by the incentives laid by the Delhi government coming to electric transport. Along with that, he has listed Hyderabad and Bengaluru because of a bigger reach for the electric market in South India.

The new facility to be developed is said to have a manufacturing capacity of half a million two-wheelers per year. Bajaj Auto are set to expand the sale of the Chetak to more and more cities, which could cause a good amount of demand for the electric scooter. We can expect the groundwork regarding the new facility to take place soon along with the sale of the Chetak to many more cities across the country.


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