VIDEO: E-scooter Bajaj Chetak’s ‘Silent Factory’

Bajaj Auto has shared a video showing the new Chetak electric scooter’s production line.

The video titled “The Silent Factory of Chetak” shows the various stages of assembly. But, it focuses mainly on the factory’s low-noise levels.

Earlier this-month, the Chetak e-scooter was released. It features an LED headlamp mounted on the front apron with a daytime running LED light and vertical turn indicators. It gets metal body panels and alloy wheels measuring 12 inches.

Bajaj has not yet revealed the complete technical specifications of the e-scooter. We do know, however, if the Chetak will come with a IP67 rated lithium-ion battery. It has two riding modes, Eco and Sport, and a regenerative braking system is available.

The electric scooter from Bajaj Auto is expected to launch sometime next-year and will initially be sold via KTM dealerships.


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