Audi Urban Concept to go into production

Audi Urban Concept to go into production

At the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show in September, Audi unveiled its new urban Concept (that’s with a lowercase letter u by the way) and reports now suggest that the model will soon be headed for low-volume production.

During a recent trip to Ingolstadt, CAR Magazine found out from sources that Audi plans on signing off on a batch of 999 units to be sold at €9999 (INR 675,760.37) each. The first batch, which will be a test run, will be produced in-house by Quattro or a specialist supplier.

Here is an Audi that isn’t here to impress you with its super-duper good looks, amazing headlight design, outstanding interior quality are any turbo or superchargers. The Audi urban will be used to just get around the city to get back and forth from work or run errands.

Power for the Audi urban concept comes from two e-tron electric motors, which get their fuel from a lithium-ion battery.


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Source CAR