Mahindra TUV300 variants and features leaked, just before the launch

This is probably the last piece we’ll be writing on the new Mahindra TUV300 before the official launch report later today. Ahead of its launch, the folks at CarWale have managed snap the TUV300 brochure, and there are plenty of details about the different trim levels and the amount of standard kit on offer.


According to this leaked brochure, Mahindra TUV300 will launch in eight trims, christened with unfamiliar Mahindra nomenclature – T4, T4+, T6, T6+, T6+ MT, T6+ AMT, T8+ and T8+ AMT.

  1. T4 variant: The entry-level T4 trim comes equipped with only the basic necessities like air-conditioning, power steering, power windows, tilt steering and engine immobilizer.
  2. T4+ variant: The next trim T4+ gets all the features of the T4 trim and comes with a dual airbags (driver and front passenger) and ABS.
  3. T6 variant: The T6 trim carries all the features of the lower trims but don’t feature an dual airbags (driver and front passenger). Additionally gets a body-coloured bumpers, OVRMs & door handles, side & rear footrest, stylish roof rail, keyless entry, fabric seat covers and 3-inch head display with voice messaging system.
  4. T6+ variant: The T6+ trim, apart from carrying over the features of the T6 comes with a dual airbags (driver and front passenger).
  5. T6+ MT variant: The T6+ MT features existing in T6+ variant, the difference between the T6+ and T6+ MT in unknown at the moment.
  6. T6+ AMT variant: The T6+ AMT variant carries the same features present in the T6+ and T6+ MT, additionally gets an automated manual transmission (AMT) and AMT badge placed across the body.
  7. T8+ MT variant: In addition to these features present on the T6+ trim, the higher TUV300 T8+ gets premium fabric upholstery, sporty alloy wheels, driver seat height adjustment, 4-inch head display with voice messaging system, electronically adjustable OVRMs, static bending headlamps and the micro hybrid technology.
  8. T8+ AMT variant: The top-of-the-line T8+ AMT trim comes loaded all the above features, and additionally gets an automated manual transmission (AMT) and AMT badge placed across the body.

Only top-of-the-line T8+ MT and T8+ AMT will get Mahindra’s micro hybrid technology. The report also states that the T8 will be available in 6 colour option – Bold Black, Glacier White, Majestic Silver, Molten Orange, Dynamo Red and Verve Blue. While the T6 will be available in a total of 4 colour options – White, Silver, Black and Red, but the base T4 variant only in 3 colours – Silver, Black and Red.

Today, the pricing will decide the fate of the Mahindra TUV300 in India.

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Source: CarWale